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Fleet Vehicle Cleaning

PurifiedPros will provide expert cleaning of fleet vehicles in a system tailored to meet the expectations of large businesses and transportation companies. 

Fleet Vehicle Cleaning – PurifiedPros, a division of MooreCars, LLC provides fleet cleaning according to our clients’ specifications.  We specialize in maintaining the appearance of the cars, trucks, buses, and vans used by our clients.
Our basic process includes:

  • Washing the complete Exterior (including tires/rims)

  • Vacuuming the complete Interior (including floor and seats)

  • Dusting/Cleaning Dashboards

  • Cleaning and dusting Consoles and Doors

  • Clean All Windows (exterior and interior)

  • Clean debris from front windshield area

  • Clean debris around doors and trunk jams

  • Remove any trash, empty plastic bottles, chip/candy/food wrappers, or any other waste-like items from vehicle

Depending on the type of fleet, additional cleaning may be required, such as removing hazardous waste, graffiti or polishing wheel wells and the tires.
Our services are performed at the times and days our clients require.  We offer services seven days a week including holidays as required by client.

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